Finding your audience online, and in social media.

Find Your Audience Online!

Last month we touched upon the importance of creating regular new content for any musician aspiring to find success online.  Breaking it down, it would not be an exaggeration to say that your ability to keep your audience engaged hinges on your ability to post new content frequently.  This serves a variety of purposes.  The most obvious is that it gives your fans a reason to check back with your website or social media page on a regular basis.  Less obvious is the idea that each song or video has a chance of appealing more to a different part of the population.  The more you can diversify your archive, while maintaining an articulate through-line, the more effective your pages will be at drawing a large crowd.  Think of each post as a soldier in your promotional army.  Every soldier is tasked with bringing in a different group of people.  This diversification increases your chances of exposure and viral success by opening up sharing opportunities in a larger variety of online networks and groups.  The importance of this can not be overstated.  

So all of that is fine and good but, if nobody is seeing your content, how can you expect to reap these rewards?  This is where relevance becomes critical.  Posting crummy quality recordings of obscure or highly experimental music is not going to do much to bring in new listeners.  It may be that your unique style has an audience waiting in the woodwork somewhere but finding them on the merit of the originality itself is a near impossibility.  

Being able to accurately tag and title your content with keywords that reference a niche or popular genre is critical to helping you find your audience online.  This way listeners will be able to “stumble upon” your music by virtue of it simply being online.  One of the oldest and best methods is to produce interesting covers of songs that at least overlap in style with your own.  If you can find a song that is already popular among the listeners of your genre of music and create a cover that adds something different and interesting to it, you’d be well on your way.  If you look at the most popular independent music channels on YouTube, for example, you will find that they produce new covers on a regular schedule.  If the covers are done well it basically guarantees an audience.  If they are not done all that well, don’t worry.  Like we discussed last month, they will get better with time.  Remember, practice makes perfect.  

If originality is important to you, keep in mind that the cover songs will be bringing an audience for your originals as well.  There is another major benefit of this method.  It’s unlikely that you are writing and recording new original songs on a weekly basis.  If the original is going to be any good, as we all know, you need to wait for inspiration to strike.  Not only will covering songs bring listeners to your originals, they also will give you an unlimited well of material to work with so that you can easily and consistently upload new content.

While these tricks would be enough to set you on the path to success on their own, we’re actually barely scratching the surface of possibility.  Next month we will discuss more methods for drawing an audience as well as utilizing social media to its maximum effectiveness.  



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Dan Mumm is a professional musician and virtuoso guitarist who is best known for his Metal guitar arrangements of Classical music.

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