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    Update: 10 stars ! this is why:
    OK, today is Friday and I got my YRG on Monday. I fall more and more in love with this product everyday ! So, I have had more time with it since my gig on Monday night and through my amp the onboard sounds are damn good actually. I use my laptop live with Ableton & a Launchpad and it's just sick !!
    This is an amazing product ! As a professional musician and composer I would endorse this product anywhere. My previous criticism about making the design more pro looking still stands ( the engraved rock font of YRG on the top of the trigger cover is what's killing me). I find myself playing more with my left hand then my right which I don't have a problem with, but I wonder if a next gen of the product should even have the stings on it ? especially seeing as there are a lot of 2 hand players embracing your product. Personally and professionally I am just blown away. I play everything from African music to electronic, dub, house music & jazz I can attest to the fact that you can play any style of music with this thing !
    And finally affordable…..THIS IS WHAT ITS ABOUT !

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    when I say maybe the next gens of the product should not have strings….maybe replace them with triggers ? ( so that it can control parameters in music software apps…)
    just a thought

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    Glad things are working out for you and that your pleased!

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    Hey Rayovac!

    I bought the Limited Edition because it DIDN'T have the YRG guitar logo molded into the plastic.  Don't like it?  Me either.  In your case, get fine grit sandpaper and sand it off, and use fine grit sand paper to smooth the edges (or simply cover it up with a cool duck tape pattern).  Don't forget your vacuum cleaner sucks dust up to keep the warranty valid. 

    This is a cheap easy fix that will keep YouRockin'

    Happy Trails!

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    the engraved rock font of YRG on the top of the trigger cover is what's killing me

    Well I feel really slow on the draw with this reply, trying to play catch up on the forums!

    It was starting to bother us as well. It's actually gone on Gen 2 guitars, the cover plate is smooth and plain.

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    Hi all, I’m a newbie. I got my YRG Gen2 just yesterday and am just about getting to grips with it but only scratching the surface of what it can do. There are some fantastic sounds on it and I have recorded a couple of pieces already. I’ve wanted something like this for years! Thank you to the inventor and all those involved.

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    Thanks for the good words – enjoy!

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