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    Not a video but here is a link to a clip of me playing the YRG into Pianotec5. I don’t think the YRG is really best suited for this kind of thing, and it sounds like it’s being played on a guitar to me, but this shows the range of expressiveness you can manage after two days of working with the YRG. I remapped the transpose key to be a sustain pedal, but Pianoteq interprets that command as “half position”, so I can’t get a full sustain pedal effect

    solo Piano clip

    It’d be really great if you could remap the whammy bar to be a sustain pedal, and have half-position and full position available easily while playing




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    Hi Monalle3,

    i have gone one step farther far as sustain to be used with the YRG guitar.  I have posted information on what I did on this forum.  Essentially I have taken my Controller keyboard that has a sustain pedal, and is connected via USB to the computer, then used the sustain pedal for use with the YRG guitar.  Both the YRG guitar and the Controller keyboard are set to midi channel 1 and information is combined/enabled  through the music applications to make the YRG play like a keyboard far as sustaining notes.

    That way I can play the guitar with both hands and use the sustain foot pedal to sustain like a keyboard.  Opens up a whole new ballgame of playing the guitar.   I also have Auto silence mode turned on.

    I need to investigate and get an expression pedal for the keyboard to see if that works for giving me string bending capabilities with the YRG.  Plus I could use it to control other sound parameters.

    take care,


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