Learning Guitar, Memory, Barriers, physics and such ..

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  Learning guitar—a mission.   I am a child of the 60’s. There is a reason so many of us attempted to learn to play the guitar.  It is cool, portable, relatively affordable and there were many great new sounds and songs that went with that time.  ...
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“You Are the Computer” by Jon Anderson of YES and Sean McKee

Performing the song “You Are the Computer” written, composed and performed by Jon Anderson of YES and EMMY nominated guitarist and composer Sean McKee in collaboration Serbian EDM producer Milojko Jaric (a.k.a. Freaked Frequency/Molok) to create a hybrid of styles...
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How you learn to play—-the Neurophysiology of Learning

    Your senses provide input to the brain, and the brain then sends out commands for action. This is more than a conversation, it is a dance.   When you are first learning to play the guitar, you use your eyes to help find the frets and make the notes. Once this...
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MIDI Celebrates its 30th Anniversary at NAMM Museum of Making Music

You know how much we just love MIDI, so we could not let this Press Release pass without posting it even though some days late due to all sorts of festivities like celebrating the end of one year and welcoming in 2014! And on that note, we wish you all a very happy, healthy and...
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