Wesley Cole Switzer is a bassist residing in Los Angeles, CA.  A Berklee College of Music alumni and scholarship recipient , he’s been fortunate in having the opportunity to work, record, and perform with many of the industry’s best musicians, across multiple genres.  He regularly works as a bassist, music director, producer, mix engineer, monitor engineer and live ProTools operator.  This versatile skill set keeps him very active in the national touring, and local LA music scenes.  His unique abilities keep him in demand behind the board, as well as on stage playing bass.

On bass, Wesley has performed with national acts such as Jason Mraz, Joe Brooks, Tara Priya and many others. (Client list below).   He has also been the long time M.D. for Lucky Diaz & The Family Jam Band, who’s record “A Potluck” was named the #1 Kids Record of the Year by People Magazine in 2012.

Wesley spent the majority of 2012 on tour with Nickelodeon’s “The Fresh Beat Band,” which sold out 170 shows to more than 450,000 fans in 122 cities, after more than 30 weeks on the road.  He also engineered and handled ProTools for artists like Victoria Justice, and mixed for TV events such as NBC’s “Disson Skating Spectacular.”



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