Kristofer Dahl is a Swedish / Greek / American web artist and instructional pioneer. Having only two parents, his life has been edged with contradictory equations – fueling new creative solutions to old problems.

In 2006 Kristofer planted the seed of a new, interactive and personal approach to teaching with his popular video lesson series “Shred Masterclass” at

With the acquired insights and audience, Kristofer created the community – which up to this day is a leading force in online guitar learning. With the You Rock Guitar Kristofer has the tool needed to go beyond the imaginary boundaries of traditional instruments – with the ultimate goal of expressing the deep realms of his soul with an unprejudiced musical message to the world.

Kristofer channels his passion for teaching and music through Youtube and Facebook. He invites you to connect with him!
Guitar Master Class // Facebook // Youtube

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