Jérémie Revel is a French Guitarist and Composer, born in Strasbourg 1993 in a musical family. He begun to play the guitar at the age of 3 with his father, playing contemporary pieces, improvisation.. learning the guitar as a game and by ear. At the age of 8 he begun electric guitar as an autodidact and open his mind to Rock music, progressive/rock, jazz. One year later, he built his first rock band with his brother Yohan Gomar Revel (bassist), and begun to take private lessons with Philippe Mouratoglou. He learned different music like Jazz, rock, improvisation, classical guitar, hard.

In 2005 he entered the conservatory of Strasbourg in the classical guitar class of Philippe Mouratoglou. 2006 Yohan and him built their second band Neofelis with Arthur Vonfelt (drums) and Zélie Chalvignac (keyboard). They were selected for a CD, with the 20 best Alsatian bands. With this band, Jeremie learned a lot the stage experience, with about thirty dates per year.


After the end of Neofelis, he opened him to modern jazz, fusion, electronic music, contemporary composition.. and entered the Improvisation Department of the Conservatory in Strasbourg in the class of Jean-Pierre Hertzog. He spend two years playing with a lot of different musicians and passed the final diploma 2013 of the Jazz Department. In september 2013 he entered the Jazz Music Academy of Basel Switzerland in the class of Wolfgang Muthspiel.

In parallels, he always composed pieces : Rock, modern Jazz, minimalist.. and worked with computer for recording, electronic composition, Idm, Film soundtracks..
But his music is certainly more expressed by his improvisations.


Frank Zappa, Wayne Krantz, Ommadawn (Mike Oldfield), Steve Reich, Bill Frisell, Amon Tobin, Rory Gallagher, Björk, Yes, Gong, Magma, Pierre Moerlen, Hip Hop, Radiohead, Allan Holdsworth, Gentle Giant, Jeff Beck, Nougaro, Beatles, Pink Floyd …

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