AlSmith2 Biography

Al Smith is a gifted singer, songwriter, musician and content producer! As a performing artist he has been entertaining audiences around the globe with his own alternative brand of Country, Rock, Inspiration & Blues (coined “CRIB” for short). He gives an energetic performance which typically results with audiences rising to their feet chanting and singing along to his hi-octane soulful delivery.

Al Smith has a heart for humanity, he works diligently performing at fund-raising events and concerts wherever he’s needed; helping organizations like North General Hospital and the Boriken Health Center build new and green facilities in Harlem New York; The New Orleans Rescue Mission feeding the homeless; ECOFEST promoting the environment; The Lee Perry Gross Agency; entertaining at health and rehabilitation centers; We-The-World Organization advocating sustainable change, and EDUCONCERTS promoting tolerance for a new Ethi-culture. He is not only musically talented, but has a God-given philanthropic, entrepreneurial spirit sharing his time, money and life with many who may be struggling and in need of a voice. He is in demand and highly requested to appear at diverse cause-based events and philanthropic activities.


Al Smith performs playing his special MIDI guitar (channeled through a guitar synthesizer) and singing while entertaining audiences in clubs to outdoor stadiums. He is the founder of the recording band Blacksmith, who now often performs as a solo artist using his sequenced backing tracks to accompany him. You can honestly say he sounds like a FULL LIVE BAND…So much so that people from other rooms “crash” his performances convinced they are listening to a full band. As a seasoned entertainer he knows how to connect with his audiences (which no doubt separates him from other performers). Whether it be ballads, rock n’ roll or the soulful sounds of Motown—he really sounds like the artists he’s giving tribute to. He is booked in venues throughout as a main attraction.

Al Smith is a historic internet pioneer, reaching over 250 million subscribers worldwide with his music and message. He is a known technology advocate as a pro-active member of the Distributing Computing Industry Association

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