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Start Successfully Sharing Your Music Online Now

While the playing field in the music industry has been leveled considerably by the Internet and the services that have become available, it doesn’t necessarily mean that making a career in music is going to be quick or easy.  For any aspiring musician that is considering making music their full-time job, the importance of patience, drive, proper motivation and discipline can’t be overstressed.  The advent of the Internet age has essentially put the power into the hands of the individual; however, that individual must now take on the jobs held by audio engineers, marketers and a slew of others traditionally provided by a record company.  Any artist who is under the impression that they will reach great success by simply posting a new track on a sharing site still has some hard lessons ahead of them.  The truth is, there are countless original songs posted all over the Internet that will never get more than a few plays.  So how can a properly motivated artist break through and begin to build a strong following by successfully sharing  your music online?

There are a few simple rules that, if followed, practically guarantee success in the long-term.  First of all, quality of content is extremely important but can’t be expected to come about overnight in a solo operation.  Regular posting of new content is also critical as followers will quickly lose interest when posts become sparse or inconsistent.  If you put these two factors together, you will be well on your way.  If your goals include improvement as an artist, producing new content regularly will facilitate both growth in the quality of your work and in the size of your audience.  Beyond improving in each aspect of production with each new posting, the key factors that are often overlooked here include a willingness to accept and weigh criticism as well as an open-mind to shifting your direction towards what your audience is hoping to hear.  Many artists write this off as “selling out” or sacrificing their “artistic integrity.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Your goal as an artist should be to find the medium in which to express yourself in a way that you can be heard and understood.

The relevance of your art should be considered the language of your expression.  There is an old adage that says something to the effect of “a truly original artist will have an audience of one.”  The originality in your work should come through in what it’s saying at its core level.  Obviously experimentation and pushing boundaries are extremely important in the arts.  However, if your goal is to pay the bills with your craft, just be sure that you are speaking a language people can understand.  The best way to achieve this is to listen to what your listeners have to say.

So to break everything down, there is really a very simple formula that you can follow from the start that will almost certainly lead you down the path to success.  This formula begins with posting new content on a regular basis.  From there, spread the word – which we will discuss further in the next segment.  Once feedback is available, weigh the value of criticism and make changes accordingly.  Finally, make sure that your work is improving with each new post.  Repeat this process ad infinitum.


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About the Author
Dan Mumm is a professional musician and virtuoso guitarist who is best known for his Metal guitar arrangements of Classical music.

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