An Interview with Michael Brook on Composing in Film and TV

We had the chance to sit down with Michael Brook, award winning composer and discuss his background, his catalogue, and the way he approaches writing and composing for film and television. Brook received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Score (Motion Picture) for his work on Into The Wild. He also won two ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards for his work in  The Vow, and The Fighter.

In his early days, Brook began as a rock and roll guitarist soon moving on to ambient and avant-garde electronic sounds. It was in that genre that he found connection with composing for motion pictures. Brook walks us through his story, and let’s us in on how he uses MIDI to create it.

Please enjoy this exclusive video video from You Rock Guitar

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    The fact that Micheal Brook loves this controller is the thing that made me hit “Order.” Even though it looks like a high end Rockband controller, if Micheal says it’s an expressive, serious musical tool, I want one.

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    Seriously? Like spelled Likw?
    Some advice for People who intend to Post.

    Vodka is the Enemy of Rational Thought.
    Don’t Drink and Type.
    I love my YRG.

    And, once again, to the guys at Inspired, please feel free to Edit, Edit, Edit.

    YRG ~ “We fixed your edit, but we liked your Vodka”

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