You Rock Guitar Presents: Digital Audio Latency

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  1. Dom Reply

    Cool graphics! Will keep this in mind! Many thanks!

  2. Victor Reply

    Helpful and informative. My audio interface manages to get away with a 7ms latency and has a direct monitoring feature for 0 latency playback. I recommend a good USB audio interface for anyone playing their guitar into their PC.

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    mikemomo59 ReplyReport user

    Well it’s pretty fast, that cuts a lot of crap out. Audio to midi doesn’t cut it!

  4. Dean Hailstone Reply

    As a guitarist, I used to use the software ASIO4ALL, which decreases the latency on regular sound cards to an almost unnoticeable level. I found this to work quite well, however, I’m now using a low latency audio interface (Edirol). I love plugging into amp simulation and practicing at low volume. No need for a loud tube amp.

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