YRG Gen2 RETRO: Upgrade your YRG Gen 1

Gen 2 RETRO: upgrade your Gen1

You Rock Guitar is offering an upgrade path for Gen1 users. The basic details are below. Please post questions, comments and we will answer them in this thread.


Full Bundle ($99.99): Includes Hardware and Firmware packages

Hardware Upgrade ($59.99): Includes most up to date pickup system, Gen2 pickup cover plate, installation, limited upgrade parts and labor warranty (to cover pickup system failure).

Firmware Upgrade ($49.99): Includes a full Gen2 firmware upgrade and enables Gen2 DLC readiness.

Retrofit process typically takes 3 to 5 business days. Inspired Instruments, Inc. (You Rock Guitar) is not responsible for damages and or loss occurring during the shipping process. Inspired Instruments, Inc. will test and inspect all incoming units before any upgrades are applied. If the unit fails for any reason the customer will be notified and provided with a quote to repair the unit. Inspired Instruments, Inc. will perform the purchased upgrade regardless of the incoming test results. Once all purchased upgrades and fixes are complete Inspired Instruments, Inc. will test and return the unit to the customer.

NOTE: your Gen1 sound library will be deleted and replaced with the G2 sound library.

  1. Customer must pay shipping and handling on any orders.
  2. Hardware Upgrade Parts and Labor Warranty covers the pickup system only. Hardware Upgrade Parts and Labor Warranty, when applied, gives six months additional warranty from the ship date regardless of other warranties in place.





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    Emma Reply

    Q : Can I do the Retrofit in the UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, France, Canada and other international countries.
    A : Right now we only have a program to do this at our facility so you will have to send the body to our factory in California

  2. Profile photo of Emma
    Emma Reply

    Q : Do I only have to send in the body of my YRG Gen1
    A : Yes, only the body of the instrument is needed to do the Retrofit. Make sure it is packed securely for travel

  3. Profile photo of Emma
    Emma Reply

    Q : Just for clarity, what are the benefits of the retro fit.

    A : The FULL retrofit changes are :
    1. upgraded Gen2 pickup system
    2. Gen2 firmware has some performance improvements
    3. compatibility with future DLC (coming soon)

    See the Gen 2 Firmware details here: https://www.yourockguitar.com/yrg-gen2/

    ** Note that you will lose your Gen1 sounds and these will be replaced with Gen 2 sounds.

  4. Profile photo of Emma
    Emma Reply

    Q : Can I purchase just the Gen2 Firmware?

    A : YES. However, your YRG body would still need to come in to our facility to be updated to a Gen2. After that any future Gen2 firmware updates can be done via USB and your computer from your location.
    ** If you feel that your YRG pickups are performing well and that they are consistent and reliable then you DO NOT NEED TO purchase the pickup retrofit

  5. Larry Reply

    Are the number of Gen2 sounds the same as the number of Gen1 sounds (25 guitar sounds + 50 synth sounds)?

  6. Profile photo of gstik
    gstik Reply

    There are 15 Guitar sounds and 15 Synth sounds loaded on the Gen2. The G2 also includes a chorus effect. You can see the list of sounds on page 34 of the user manual:


    • Larry Reply

      Oh, bummer – so upgrading means a loss of 45 on-board sounds. Are there plans to replace those sounds with DLC and if so, will there be a charge? Thanks!

  7. Profile photo of gstik
    gstik Reply

    Gen 2 uses a different file and layer structure from Gen 1 in order to allow higher quality samples and more flexibility. In Gen1, the Synth library had 50 small footprint samples in a single library file + 25 individual guitar sound files. In Gen2, we removed the Synth library so that both the SYNTH and GUITAR layers can access the same sounds. There are a total of 30 sounds that are not limited to either SYNTH or GUITAR layer – for example, you can have an acoustic guitar on both layers and transpose one.

    The layer concept applies both to on-board as well as MIDI sounds.

    We are planning to have some of the Gen 1 sounds available via DLC.

    • Larry Reply

      I understand – thanks very much!

  8. Mark Reply

    Will the GEN2 upgrade still have the alternate tuning features?

  9. Profile photo of gstik
    gstik Reply

    Hi Mark,

    Yes – as I recall it has a few more. There are 75 Open Tunings as well as the 9 user defined tunings.

  10. Russell Alexander Reply

    I’m still a bit confused. I don’t use the on board sounds (just never needed to) and I’ve found the Gen 1 tracks pretty well. Some problems when using the PC wavetable, but I usually use softsynths anyway.
    Will it benefit me to do the full upgrade package? I have noticed some issues when playing uptempo piano parts, and occasional issues with the software finding the unit. Is the tracking and pickups that much better on Gen 2?
    Thanks for your help.

  11. Profile photo of peteneff@att.net
    peteneff@att.net ReplyReport user

    I’ve just ordered the gen 2 software upgrade. I have no idea what is supposed to happen next. How can I send you my Gen 1 if I don’t have any address or shipping details?

    • Profile photo of gstik
      gstik Reply

      Hello and thank you for choosing the firmware upgrade. All \details including the address to ship your YRG body to are located within the instructions on the upgrade page. Below is the information and the link for your perusal :


      1. Purchase the retrofit on our web store.

      2. Ship your guitar body (only) to our facility: 4685 Runway St. Unit N, Simi Valley CA, 93063. Please mark your packages Attention: Customer Support – Retrofit (Order #).

      3. We test and inspect your unit before any upgrades are applied. If the unit fails for any reason the customer will be notified and provided with a quote to repair the unit.

      4. Once all purchased upgrades and fixes are complete we will test and return the unit to you.

  12. L. Brown Reply

    With the YRG Gen 1 Retro Upgrade…
    Can I just do the hardware upgrade at the factory then flash(upgrade) the Firmware Upgrade myself over USB when I get the unit back?
    Or is it something that needs to be done at the factory?
    (Also isn’t the Firmware Upgrade a free download from your website?)

    • Profile photo of Emma
      Emma Reply

      Hello! Thank you for asking.
      They YRG has to come in to the factory for the hardware upgrade and the firmware upgrade. You can choose not to do it as well as you may not want the features of the G2 firmware, but you will have the more stable and consistent pickup system. You can check the added firmware features on our product page.
      Thank you!
      Team YRG ~

  13. Mark odaniel Reply

    I would like to do this upgrade .

    Would you please send me a quick email to confirm this promotion is still available.

    Please include any details of this process.

    Thanks a million!!!

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